Luxury Hotels


Come to Zurich, and there’s a must-have, Veal Zurichoise, strips of veal with mushrooms and cream and rösti potatoes and honestly, Girlahead had the best rösti of her life at Restaurant Heugümper in Paradenplatz. The flattened potato shape was seriously sybaritic.

But you can eat best-of-Switzerland, anything, at THE DOLDER GRAND, high above the city. Dinner in Saltz is, frankly, fun, in scarlet and windows ambience, and some servers in royal blue aprons. Want to go Swiss?  The easy-read menu has all provence, so to stay national try a Swiss Grand Cru rib-eye steak – pay extra for all add-ons, perhaps spinach with pine-nuts, and Dolder truffle fries (but hold their mayo topping). Drink Staatekellerei ÉO Noir 2010 and you are right at home.

And OH The Dolder’s breakfast buffet, with superb breads and rolls, and linen-lined linen baskets to carry them in. An outstanding range of yoghurt jars and health drinks and nuts and seeds, and cubes of salmon and tuna (ideal companions for bespoke omelettes). Oustanding coffee. What more can one say>

Well, the hotel’s Hanseatic chef, Heiko Nieder, is, it seems, never satisfied. He’s long had a gourmet restaurant and this January the hotel converted a not-always-used bedroom into a seven-seat Omakase restaurant, complete with Japanese chef, sake display and outside terrace. Now there’s also a three-month Lobster Club pop-up, to be replaced by a Lebanese.  And, it is rumoured, the chef’s herb garden is going to be replaced by a veggie eatery (see the image above, courtesy Charles Blunier).

Yes, dig down into The Dolder’s dinner, and other, delights.