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The late – and now discredited – Clement Freud, descendent of Sigmund, for years compèred a radio show called Just A Minute. Contestants were given a topic, say ‘unbelievable photo’, and the idea was to talk for a whole minute without hesitation, repetition or undue deviation. If other contestants detected one of those sins they pressed a buzzer and took over.  The winner was the one still speaking at the end of the original minute.

Girlahead feels rather like that with the image above.  what on earth IS it?  It was installed ready to illustrate today’s missive but then its raison d’être became obscure. Never fear, Girlahead is here.

The last time she saw a memorable ‘local dance show’ was at INTERCONTINENTAL TAHITI in Papeete.  It was the regular Sunday brunch entertainment and unsurprisingly it was so much appreciated. Locals came, as did guests at nearby establishments. The hotel made lots of money, the singers and dancers were happily satisfied and the brunchers had not only lots of jolly good food and drink but a cultural experience.

Surely, in this era of ever-increasing hunger for experiences, travellers everywhere would appreciate at least the opportunity to hear local music and watch, and perhaps take part in, local dances? Just a thought to start the week. Let me know what you think.