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Peloponnese – New York

Peloponnese means ‘the island of Pelops’, a mythological hero who apparently conquered this entire region of Greece. One of the area’s leading heroes today is Achilles Constantakopoulos (above), chairman of Costa Navarino,  the prime sustainable destination in the Mediterranean. For this season, which starts from 19th May 2021, there is a new teens hub, with VR gaming and bowling through to original escape games. There is also Europe’s first-ever Mouratoglou Tennis Center, a 16-court partnership with tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Overall, too, 21 restaurants, cafes and lounge bars will include new-take Greek dishes by Giannis Parikos: Girlahead is already mentally salivating at the thought of Costa Navarino’s own-produced olive oil, and organic wines.


New York-based Global Wellness Institute, led by Susie Ellis, announces Living Well From Within.  This will be chaired by Danny Friedland and co-chaired by Wendy Bosalavage and Sallie Fraenkel. Dr Friedland, generally known as “Dr. Danny”, who produces the Living Well From Within channel on YouTube – he is author of Leading Well from Within and CEO of SuperSmartHealth. Living Well From Within includes practising conscious capitalism, helping transform function to generate both meaning and prosperity for all. It also includes XCHANGE Approach, a leadership coaching model to unlock collective wisdom (Girlahead says this Approach sounds rather like the ‘mastermind’ collaborative therapy that is a big thing right now).


Frankly, Girlahead is also looking, right now, to unlock time. She has already been advised to ‘spend on time’, buy extra time. Does anyone have ideas how, please?  One way would be to take temporary pause and head back to Costa Navarino, not for gaming or tennis but for deep breaths of gorgeous Peloponnese air and as-far-as-the-eye-can-see unspoiled countryside, and food that is often even closer than farm to table. See the video below: