Luxury Hotels


Private Luxury Copenhagen kicked off with a blast of an evening, but before that Girlahead had done an egg-check. Before this visit to the Danish capital she had already increasingly become aware that eggs here have remarkably pale, almost sanitised, yolks (compare the whiteness against the deep orange-yellow yolks of eggs in Kyoto, where allegedly hens dine off seaweed). But Copenhagen has eggs of all sizes, particularly this time of year.

Denmark goes for outsize eggs in the run-up to Easter. There’s a 75cm-tall one in the lobby of Hotel Nimb. There’s its twin in the lobby of Hotel d’Angleterre. See above. Oh boy this hotel has updated itself. At her last proper visit in 2004 (room #203) Girlahead thought it drab and old-fashioned. Well, it is mature. There’s been a hotel here since 1755 but the current building is only 1870s. Since 2010 it’s been owned by the Remmen Foundation, started by the late Henning Remmen, an SAS pilot and philanthropist who was a highly successful hospitality entrepreneur. Whether its current standing is due to ownership or its Swedish GM, Lucas Johansson is unclear but, regardless, Hotel d’Angleterre – a Leading Hotel of the World – showed itself to perfection at the opening party of Private Luxury Copenhagen.

As a preamble there was a newcomers cocktail at host hotel Villa Copenhagen – no eggs, perhaps still too early for such decoration. Then everyone clambered up into buses to head for d’Angleterre. A table had 300 glass of just-poured bubblies waiting (they had Copenhagen Sparkling Tea 0%, NV Autentico Brut, NV Can Petit Cava Brut and NV Masottina Prosecco Brut). Servers circulated, waiting with circular trays of one-bite canap├ęs, someone from the hotel made a speech on behalf of the GM. There was a wine bar, and a soft drinks bar, and a make-your-own smorgasbord table (those who did not later try the chocolate mousse missed a treat).

A myriad of networking conversations revealed a charter plane exploring Iceland, where the Northern Lights will be especially good this coming year, and crispy pork knuckle with the hotel’s bespoke Keimling dandelion root beer is a best-seller at Grand Hotel Kempinski in Engelberg, 75 minutes from Zurich. And every time one moved from from one network to another servers miraculously did whatever. The servers all seemed so happy. What’s the secret to Danish happiness? A young waiter thought for a minute and then said ‘conviviality, and we like to drink’. And the music, below, played on.