Luxury Hotels


You can do a lot with the name of the Danish capital. At Tivoli Gardens, surely the world’s best all-generations pleasure centre, there’s a baby-pink confectionery and patisserie boutique. Cakenhagen, that’s its name.

In 1924 bandleader Charlie Davis composed the jazz standard Copenhagen. In 1953 Danny Kaye’s recording of Wonderful Copenhagen reached #5 in the UK charts: he was playing the title role in the 1952 movie Hans Christian Andersen (when HCA was about to be kicked out of Odense his apprentice Peter recommended heading for Copenhagen).

It’s almost as if the Private Luxury Events manager above is singin’dat song. Welcome welcome, at 9 a.m. yesterday in Courtyard, the gigantic glassed-over lobby of Villa Copenhagen, Small Luxury Hotels’ property in Copenhagen. It’s the city’s former main post office, built in 1912 and converted, 110 years later, into a 390-room hotel by Petter Stordalen’s Strawberry Brothers.

Yesterday the lobby was buzzing. Families with toddlers and primary school kids were checking out after making a short weekend of coming to see Tivoli Gardens, just across the road.  Roughly 145 top folks from hotels, destinations and other exibitors were checking in, to get ready for Private Luxury Copenhagen, which started yesterday evening. Also, the same number of buyers, top travel agents for whom Louis Vuitton holdalls seem to be de rigueur, were arriving, ready to do business with the exhibitors. It’s just a good thing all the exhibitors were not arriving simultaneously….. Behind the scenes, or rather one floor down, the PLE team, some in tell-tale pale blue T-shirts, were making sure all the numbered tables were set in military precision, all with three sockets, a discreet bottle of hand-gel and a deliberately non-discreet identifying number.

But Villa Copenhagen can cope. The hotel is used to events thousand-plus (well think of all the myriads of people hand-sorting letters in decades past). Girlahead decided to take a break while the going was good. She headed out and across the road to Tivoli Gardens. She joined parents and grandparents, the majority decked in wearable duvets. After what seemed like a lifetime of laughs, Girlahead was drawn to Tivoli’s Food Hall. And its Smörgåsbord, naturally.