Luxury Hotels


At PierChic, at MADINAT JUMEIRAH in Dubai, the lovely Beatrice Segroni, above, came out specifically to talk to guests. What a difference, says Girlahead, when back-of-house comes out front.

This was apparent at the SPIN-designed Tosca in Hong Kong’s RITZ-CARLTON, the highest hotel in the world, rising to 480 metres above sea level. At Tosca, ‘only’ on the 112th floor of the 118-floor amazing hotel, chef Angelo Agliani comes out, with every course, and you, the humble customer, remember the entire meal all the more.

A superb example of ‘the chef’ coming out front is at RAFFLES SINGAPORE. Chef-patron of ¬†Butcher’s Block steakhouse, Jordan Keao, oversees the entire restaurant and, as manager as well as chef, he has one foot, so to speak, in the dining area and one in the cooking area.

Of course, to be honest, Girlahead can remember just a few incidents, not to be explained, where chefs, celebs or aspiring so to be, can be a jolly nuisance in spending too much time hovering over diners rather than the stoves. But those are rare. In the main, the message is clear. Culinarians who come-out-front win on the memory stakes.


Angelo Agliano