Luxury Hotels


Some things never change.  As Four Seasons stress in their logo, a year starts with Spring. Next comes Summer, and that gives way to Autumn or Fall and then comes Winter. The trees photographed above, in England in so-called ‘Summer’, are showing they are ready for Winter, Christmas trees in waiting, so to speak.

But the hospitality industry is continuously aware of the need to change, and continually evolving. Take Four Seasons. Ecept in city centres GMs are probably without ties. Take Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, bringing in a new CEO from outside the hospitality sector (Laurent xx’s background is beauty, with Dior and Lancôme). The company is going more into resorts – a project in Sardinia was announced only yesterday. Also yesterday, by the way, it was finally announced where Marcel Thoma is going.  He who has breathed mega personality into MANDARIN ORIENTAL MARRAKECH over the last three years is now transferring to MANDARIN ORIENTAL NEW YORK, with oversight over all the group’s mainland Americas hotels.

First thought for his friends is he will have to invest serious money in thick clothes. Ready for Winter. There has been no need for thermal warmth in Marrakech (or before that in Hong Kong, where he was equally high-profile boss of THE UPPER HOUSE).

Now he needs to go shopping – Moncler, are you listening?

Back to the main message. Some things think they can never change. But at least one heritage luxury hotel group, not mentioned here,  has not yet learned the need to evolve. Because life, like the seasons, does, the whole time.