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Claridge’s is a luxury hotel that has so much – including its own craft gin

One of Maybourne’s three luxury London hotels now has its own gin. Fera Gin is a traditional English small batch craft drink created in the hotel’s Fera Development Kitchen using a rotary evaporator and British sourced ingredients staying true to the restaurant’s philosophy. Fera Gin will be available to guests eating in the hotel’s Fera at Claridge’s restaurant.  There will also be a maximum of ten bottles a week available to buy exclusively from Fera at Claridge’s restaurant. 

Fera Gin intertwines distillates of different botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica, orris and apple marigold celebrating one of the restaurant’s most emblematic herbs, resulting in a round, smooth and viscous texture with fresh vegetal flavours and a single, yet expressive, dry finish. Head Bartender Ale Villa and the Sommelier team have worked in tandem for two years, combining kitchen techniques and expert advice from their chefs to produce this bespoke blend. This is yet another notch for this always-creative luxury hotel.