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CanyonRanch SpaClub® on a luxury ship


A scrub in process

Just as all top luxury hotels must offer serious wellness so, too, must top cruise companies. RSSC’s Seven Seas partners with CanyonRanch and the gal took the opportunity during the five days at sea as Navigator made her way as quickly as possible back from Hawaii to Los Angeles. The onboard CanyonRanch SpaClub® manager, Denise Moser – above – is an absolutely charming lady from Jamaica: she oversees seven therapists, and not surprisingly they are most busy during sea days. A man from Kerala, is the reflexology specialist, kneading first feet and then hands to unknot blockages in various internal organs.

Popcorn sundae

Petya, from Sofia, uses Red Flower products for CanyonRanch Ocean Scrubs, really soft but effective exfoliants that are removed with moist black towels. I must admit that as she scrubbed I dreamed of the caramel popcorn sundae at dinner in Prime 7 last night (you cannot see details in the photo but it is vanilla and chocolate ice cream liberally coated in dark chocolate sauce, with bourbon caramel, whipped cream and salted peanuts).

Sashimi and sushi

Next dream was considerably healthier, namely sashimi and sushi on one of the super lunch buffets in Navigator’s Verandah: this was while Lucia, from Harare, performed one of the best facials I have ever had. She used an Environ CIT Cosmetic Instrument Technology roller first, and then an Environ DF11 Sonic Probe, infusing my skin with oxygen. There were at least a dozen different lotions and potions, mostly Luzern.

Looking up at the jogging and walking deck

The main memory, however, is her skilled care of the skin, treating it as gently as, say, London-based Linda Meredith, whose fans include Madonna, and Natalie Livingstone, author of The Mistresses of Cliveden. This was, I am admit, my first experience of Canyon Ranch and now I am definitely encouraged to visit the original wellness resort started by the Zuckermanns in Tucson AZ in 1979, its younger sibling at Lenox in the Berkshires, or an outlet in another luxury hotel, CanyonRanch SpaClub® at The Venetian in Las Vegas. As I later did yet more power-walk rounds of the deck, I started to plan yet more wellness. AND NOW, TO WATCH OTHERS EXERCISING, SEE A VIDEO OF A QUARTET OF NAVIGATOR STAFF DOING A FILIPINO DANCE