Luxury Hotels


Cannes is going for 12/12. It’s a year-round destination, say insider pundits. Well, frankly it needs to get its road system finished before it achieves 100% customer satisfaction (it’s taking a long time to put in all those underground pipes). But it’s all coming, slowly. Palm Beach re-opens May 2024, with a casino, an important PMC, private members’ club, and dozens of restaurants and high-end boutiques.

On the hotel side, the legendary CARLTON, an eternal icon since it was built 1912, is open, now as Regent, and it’s glorious. The ground floor just flows, the entire length of the building. Designer Tristan Auer’s joie de vire palette, with pale pink Murano chandeliers that look like flamingoes upside down, provides the perfect setting for somewhat-rustic floral art, as shown above. And there’s a buzz of people, the whole time.

The building is now an open square containing a well-tended garden. Part of this has been turned, winter-long, into an iceskating rink, and to celebrate ILTM gold medal Olympiad and former world champion Brian Boitano was brought over to give a demonstration (he’s not only charming but an astute businessman, putting eponymous bars into hotels in the USA).

Comments on the hotel’s bedrooms were universally most appreciative. A Champagne base is overset with tan lines, as on the carpet – yes, bliss, hotel guests need something soft underfoot. This is picked up by wicker headboard wings and rope criss-crossing on the bedside table. Room 426, looking out to sea, was really agreeable. Tan leather was used to box the Dyson hairdryer and the eatertainment necessities (the minibar is automatic but there is dedicated space for one’s own thing). A steamer instead of an iron and board is a stylish touch. Own-label pump-pot toiletries do expel their contents, unlike so many other brands.

The 24/7 gym is splendid, as is the seventh floor Penthouse Suite, a sea of mirrors and whites and views.  And SPACE. And a final and big hurrah for the breakfast buffet, with salad and egg stations and male waiters sporting neck kerchiefs as if they are chorus for Brigadoon. All, as one could say, très bien.