Luxury Hotels


Melanie Brandman and Mr Elasticity, Farhad Heydari – seen here behind Mr and Mrs Peter Greenberg – sure know how to throw a fab party. Two nights ago, on the penultimate night of ILTM in Cannes, they demonstrated that skill. Heydari, who wears numerous hats (House of Heydari luxury branding, Ultratravel magazine and so on), was gyrating even when arriving at a before-party – see below. And for the hands-on boss of The Brandman Agency life is one long party.

For those just arrived from Outer Space Cannes must be a bit of a shock. It’s strictly-scheduled meetings, work hard, but play hard too. Take two days ago, Wednesday. Girlahead’s post-noon diary went like this:

-lunch with THE HASSLER ROME at Carlton Beach Club

-postprandial drinks with Kempinski at SEVEN SEAS HOTEL

-sundowner with JUMEIRAH in a Croisette residence

-raucous gathering of hospitality friends at a private apartment

-pop in for an arrival drink at Global Hotel Association GHA’s dinner

-enroute to Cheval Blanc’s party at MAJESTIC she was told it was finished, so come with me to Mandarin Oriental’s party at one of the increasingly sophisticated beach clubs

-and finally to ‘the party’.

Melanie Brandman and Farhad Heydari almost did a buy-out of Pastis restaurant, which must seat about 100 total. Close affinity and open bar make for conviviality. Before and in between course dancing was nonstop, on the ground, on chairs and  long wall-set bankettes. One of the most enthusiastic dancers was, perhaps not suprisingly, multi-Olympiad ice skater Brian Boitano, who crossed the Atlantic to demonstrate his finesse on the ice skating rink in the garden of THE CARLTON, A REGENT HOTEL.

Girlahead got home about 11.30, dancing still in full swing but these are real pros. At 8.30 the following morning, FORBES’ Mark Ellwood was on his best behaviour, asking appropriate polysyllabic questions of Marriott Luxury’s team.