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How can luxury hotels differentiate breakfast?

Andean herb omelette and home-made bread

Simply Sunday. Every hotelier knows that breakfast is super-important and it may well be the only meal guests eat-in, and/or it is the last meal before departure.  How can breakfast differentiate in luxury hotels?

Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cusco, Peru, has a unique answer. The building dates back to 1598 when it was the Seminary of San Antonio Abad, and many of its walls are hung with portraits of Bishops of Cusco and other religious dignatories of times past.  Go into the breakfast room, which opens at 5.30 a.m. to accommodate the many tourists who are heading on to Machu Picchu or other sites, and the culinary spread is copious (somehow, says the gal, helping yourself to home-made bread and guacamole under the watchful eye of a Monseigneur is quite memorable).

The best omelette here, by the way, is the one with fresh Andean herbs (runny or hard, ma’am?). And the finishing touch to the entire experience is the Gregorian chant music that echoes, so suitably, around the room. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW