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Chris Cahill – GWI – Robert Herr

Chris Cahill, above, is this week’s star on MARY GOSTELOW GIRLAHEAD PODCAST – listen to him, below.  Wherever he is in the world, he tries to run. If his brain thinks like Girlahead’s, that is when he gets his creative thoughts. Exercise, and the brain seems to speed up, as do creative thoughts. Keep fit and well is the answer.


No body promotes wellness for all quite as clearly as the Global Wellness Initiative GWI, led by CEO Susie Ellis.  GWI’s thoughts for 2021 include the following:

There is new optimism about vaccines and a renewed collaborative spirit for global wellness, and The 2021 GWI research will focus on updating the Global Wellness Economy figures that will show how 2020 impacted various wellness sectors. The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease launches the exciting 2021 calendar with stunning graphics. Adoption of The Wellness Moonshot by countries, regions and companies is expanding.  It’s now possible to “customize” the  that to align with a business or geographical strategy.

Wellness Sector Spotlights begin again on Tuesday, 12th January 12. The annual Global Wellness Summit/GWI research finding will be shared 26th January, 1000-1300 New York time.  Monthly Full Moon Celebration Zoom calls will begin 28th January, GWI is working towards a goal of 1,000 wellness leaders engaged on each call! In addition, a Wellness Real Estate Symposium is in the works, as is a Wellness Technology Symposium.


Ah technology… Robert Herr was re-opening GM of Katara Hospitality’s massive Bürgenstock, high above Lucerne. Girlahead asked his advice on how to differentiate a multi-facet resort.  His immediate comments include investing in digital technology to communicate and respond fast, using and improving sustainable technology to meet guest needs and facilitate experience, but not to impress or to overburden (it is essential to balance human versus digital touch). Other ideas? All stand-out and personalized top-of-class guest experience for every category, with service based on local environment and surroundings mixed with a global flair. Enhance and preserve the destination, and implement a clear sustainability programme. Overall, have a unique offering that people talk about.


And people are also talking about, and sharing, MARY GOSTELOW GIRLAHEAD PODCAST. Listen to Chris Cahill, now;