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Ramblings from biodynamism to South Africa and the ocean waves

Girlahead loves CROSS-OVERS FROM ONE LIFESTYLE SECTOR TO ANOTHER.  South African Jody Scheckter is the only Africa-born driver to have won the FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, which he did as part of the Ferrari team in 1979. He is now one of the best-known WORLD BIODYNAMIC FARMERS: on a 1,000 estate in England he produces some of the best buffalo burrata Girlahead has ever tasted, and there’s biodynamic sparkling wine, too. Oh that burrata: JAMES MARTIN IS A FAN, as he explained yesterday in between signing books for a group also lunching at KITCHEN, the casual garden-set restaurant at CHEWTON GLEN HAMPSHIRE.  Yes, groups are back, in small numbers and looking for quality venues, says Chewton Glen GM Andrew Hampshire – who was enticed there from running Orient-Express operations in South Africa.

Actually South Africa was one of the few countries not on the schedule when Girlahead was chatting with Graham Sadler (above), head of REGENT SEVEN SEAS’ distribution channels – he was on his way round England hosting stylish personalised presentations showing how THIS IS THE CRUISE COMPANY TAKING LUXURY EVEN HIGHER UP THE LADDER. How? The newest ship, Splendour, was designed without budget. Just produce THE MOST LUXURIOUS SHIP ON THE WATER. Wow, the bathrooms with their Hollywood mirrors might make even a mop look halfway to a Kardashian, or whomever. Food has been enhanced, and so have shore experiences. Girlahead cannot wait to be back onboard but meanwhile, listen, now, to Regent’s President and CEO, JASON MONTAGUE, ON PODCAST, via

Tying up today’s supposedly unrelated loose ends is XAVIER LABLAUDE, GM of The Cadogan, London – it’s a BELMOND, the new name of what was Orient-Express.  As it has been explained to Girlahead, each Belmond property is unique, and Belmond is not being stressed in names (do others also sometimes think that ‘branding specialists’ get in the way?)  Why is the Cadogan so special? See a video of suite 201 below. It’s no wonder Lily Langtry and Oscar Wilde are among the performers who are associated with its past.  The entire hotel feels LIKE A LONDON CLUB, it has the ambience of home, food that is cooked by one’s favourite local foodie, artists* dressed as fashionistas ready for the garden opposite. And yes, as well as, all within ten minutes’ walk, you have boutiques of both Knightsbridge and Sloane area, and a really plausible pedestrianised village, there’s an idyllic garden, for picnics and tennis, literally just across the road. *Finally, dear friends.  Staff today are no long servient but performing, extemporising to make hospitality even better.



Kimpton x Lit Hub Fall International Crime Series Reading List

  • Velvet Was the Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia: set in Mexico City in the early 1970s, a time of political upheaval, radical politics, student demonstrations, and violent crackdowns. Amidst this turbulence, one woman carries on reading her latest romance and gossip magazines, until her neighbor disappears, launching her into an investigation that will take her through an odyssey of the city’s subcultures and dissident networks.
    • Why We Picked This: Moreno-Garcia’s Velvet Was the Night is the year’s most stylish noir,  Moreno-Garcia’s vision of Mexico City is lush and electric, as readers travel to the very edge of a dangerous, politically-charged precipice.