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There are birthdays and birthdays.  For those with two legs we have immediate stand-outs, one, two, three and so on..  After 21 it is years finishing with a zero that are most significant. For things with four walls, again we start off with a resounding one but then we go quiet until ten and all subsequent other years ending in zero.

With hotels, age grows significantly more important. At Kempinski they take pride in venerability. The 30th birthday of KEMPINSKI HOTEL CORVINUS Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest, for instance, was celebrated with great ceremony this May.  Big-boss Stephan Interthal cut a large cake – above – and many others must also have mused about the change of ambience. Now the 145-room hotel is filled with some stunning modern artworks, and it’s overall fun. It has a Rockwell-designed Nobu, leased out to Hungarian movie magnate Andy Vajna, and a make-you-smile ES BIsztró run by outside operator Roy Zsidal.

Girlahead smiled when she heard of the Kempinski group’s 125th birthday spread. 125? Yes, you heard that right. In a few days’ time Kempinski’s big boss, Bernold Schroeder, is personally leading the international delegation heading to New York. His group includes his Chief Commercial Officer Amanda Elder and at least ten GMs.  They’re all investing their personal energy (the nonstop programme, 31 October-4 November, with anniversary dinner on 3rd November, overall includes most key names in the distribution sector). Eating and drinking and socialising are names of this game as they entertain and interact with the mist important names in the US’ east coast distribution sector. This recognizes the value of the US market to the company, says Bernold Schroeder. The effects will be long long lasting.

Let’s keep happy birthdays flowing.

There will be anniversary wishes sent from afar by Kempinski stalwarts who are not in New York next week. For geopolitical reasons, there is no way the company’s China leader can be there – so hear him here: