Luxury Hotels


Banyan Tree, the brand, evokes south-east Asian calm – see the image above. Until 4th October 2022, an inaugural “Live Well, Travel Well” campaign invites travellers to reconnect with the world. Save money and spend time on experiences.

Surely every hotel brand offers something similar?  What is the difference, other than boutiques in the 60 properties specialise in handcraft gifts in boutiques? Unlike some other multi-brand groups, all of Banyan Tree’s brands stress ‘living well’. Find this ingrained in the sanctuary of Banyan Tree, the sense of adventure at Angsana, the spirit of fun at Cassia, the minimalism of Garrya, the comfort of Homm, and wild luxury at the Benjamin brand, Banyan Tree Escape.

To take one example. BANYAN TREE SAMUI offers renewing the healing power of travel, a signature therapy that celebrates the human touch and use of only natural and native ingredients (it’s called Royal Banyan and it uses traditional ceramic burners to warm Banyan Herbal Pouches filled with lemongrass, cloves and coriander to apply warm sesame oil to the body).

There’s another new name on the wellness radar, Social wellness club Remedy Place, which just expanded from LA to NYC (and with Miami, Austin TX and London on the table). Social wellness clubs have two pillars: serious socializing and dizzying smorgasbords of wellness and fitness experiences and treatments.Vogue believes people are now willing to pay an even higher price tag for wellness and fitness if it means both personalization  and  socialization.These wellness/fitness social clubs often have “friends-of-friends” or referral-only models for membership–even if you want to pay, it can be mysterious how you can get in.

At Forma Pilates, in LA and New York, membership is referral-based, there are mocktail lounges, DJs, ice baths, breathwork classes, saunas, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and more. At LA’s new exclusive social gym and wellness club, Heimat, membership is already full and you can only join the waitlist. Heimat is eyeing locations from Paris to Berlin.

At the same time such social watering holes as Soho House clubs and THE NED (London, and just opened in NYC) are now building big wellness spaces and offering more wellness programming in their new houses. Other names on the Big Apple scene are Casa Cipriani and Zero Bond – and do not forget the fabulous day-use Spa Houses at AMAN NEW YORK.  It may be undemocratic to say but ever-more-exclusive wellness is on the rise.

Virtuoso’s charismatic leader Matthew Upchurch is known to have undergone boot camp at THE RANCH IN MALIBU, which now has a European outpost at ForteVillage Resorts’ PALAZZO FIUGGI. Listen to him here: