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Hotel Amigo Brussels honours René Magritte and other famous Belgians. There’s Tintin, the cartoon creation of Hergé (Georges Prosper Remi 1907-1983), first produced in 1929 for Le Petit Vingtième, the kids’ part of Le Vingtième Siècle.  And, from today, there’s Diane von Furstenberg – see her above, as portrayed by Andy Warhol.

She hangs in suite #121 at the hotel. The suite is divine. It’s not over the top (it might have been had it been ‘done’ by a professional designer but actually DvF, as she’s so often called, did it all herself). And it’s so suitable – see the video below. This is a fashion hotel. The doorman’s natty straw titfers are by royal milliner Fabienne Delvigne.

Diane Halfin was born in Brussels and she married a German prince, Egon von Furstenberg, in 1969, when she was 23. They divorced after three years but she kept his name (she does not seem to use the name of her second husband, the not-inconsequential mogul Barry Diller, to whom she has been married since 2001). But DvF’s main claim to fame, despite considerable philanthropy, her books, her #inCharge podcast and designing shoes for Hilary Clinton, remains a simple wrap.

2024 is a milestone year for Diane von Furstenberg. It marks the half-century of her famous wrap-dress, the one that has a life and personality of its own. Every slim, and some not-so, woman has worn a wrap-dress sometime from 1974 on. DvF started the style as a wrap shirt and then it – grew. Current styles include an overall crossword pattern, with DvF mantra words filling the boxes. You never know what pattern she will come up with next (she is reputed to have described a wrap-dress as ‘the dress that you can get a man in, and his mother doesn’t mind’).

You may well see DvF, the person, at lovely Hotel Amigo. It’s that kind of personable place.