Luxury Hotels


Richard Cooke, MD for UK at Rocco Forte Hotels, is a lucky man. He does, once in a blue moon, get to stand behind a bar. And he’s based at London’s history-a-minute up-to-the-minute Brown’s, in Mayfair’s Albemarle Street.

Some really lucky people arriving to stay here at are treated to a private mixology class. Two charming professionals, females both, arrived in suite 301 to prepare a special Wonder cocktail, alc or non. See the video, below.

Girlahead does actually wonder about special treatment offered to some of the really famous people who stayed in the hotel that Byron’s butler, James Brown, started. Alexander Graham Bell made the first-ever phone call from here, Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book at Brown’s and Agatha Christie based At Bertram’s Hotel on it. In 1886 Teddy Roosevelt married his second wife Edith Kermit Carow here (her predecessor had died two years before) and in 1905  FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt came on their honeymoon. King George II of Greece lived here. More modern, in fact contemporary, habitués include designer Sir Paul Smith, who designed a suite named after him.

If you want people, or at least fabulous black and white photos of them, head for Donovan Bar, named for the late Terence Docovan, chronicler of the Swinging 60’s. Only a few metres from a bottle of Napoleon brandy labelled 1796, Twiggy dominates one wall. She’s watched, if photos can watch, by a more-than-lifesize head of Sir Roccco Forte’s wife. They’re all black and whites, these images, but there is some colour. A wall of golden stained glass carries the shield of St George.  Brown’s as it is today has, along the way, gobbled up a neighbouring hotel, the St George’s.  This is its epitaph.