Luxury Hotels


There are bees by the millions staying in, or on top of, luxury hotels around the world.  Girlahead first came across them being taken seriously at FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK in Toronto about a decade ago. They were perfectly at home, on an upper floor terrace next to a row of vines and lots of plump tomatoes. (Message to all hotels, having bees is no longer a ‘story’, sorry.)  Today having bees is just as prevalent as having air-conditioning)  Unless, that is, you do something special for our little friends..

Examples?  See the beehouse, above. It’s prominently in the main garden of BAUR AU LAC in Zurich. Now this IS original.  This is the type of ESG sustainability initiative that today’s travellers really love.

There are statistics that claim that 70% of luxury travellers ask about a hotel’s sustainability. Sceptics are, well, sceptical. Take Brazil’s travellers, for instance. A report Brazil Source Tourism Insight Report including International Departures, Domestic Trips, Key Destinations, Trends, Tourist Profiles, Analysis of Consumer Survey Responses, Spend Analysis, Risks and Future Opportunities, 2022 Update does not have aa sustainability section. These travellers use with recommendations from friends and family, much more important than affordability and accessibility – and sustainability. Despite Brazil’s Presidential election in three weeks’ time, Brazilians are ready to spend, an average $2,177  per adult tourist (by 2025, this is forecast to increase to $2,325 to become the sixth highest behind Australia, the US, Iceland, Singapore and Mauritius).

100% of travellers must surely fall in love with fashion icon Mrs Alda Fendi’s RHINOCEROS ROMA (Angelina Jolie liked it so much she stayed a month). There are only 25 rooms, and there is an ongoing art gallery.  Right now, Picasso’s 1963 work LE PEINTRE ET SON MODÈLE EN PLEIN AIR, is on show. Catch it now, anytime through October.  Plenty of time.

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