Luxury Hotels


It’s rare that an 0550 departure is first memory of a triumphant stay. First, the iPhone alarm had been mis-set, for 0445 rather than 0345, but a natural wake-up did still allow for truncated exercises and a cursory visit to the outstanding 24/7 Technogym – with two Peletons and a 3x3m double-sided living wall, fake but plausible. At two minutes before the hour breakfast arrived. Sadly the server, genuinely smiling, disappeared before the photocall.

But look at the product. Rosenthal and Sambonet, Bonne Maman and hotel-labelled Maison Laurino preserves. Ginger-heavy green juice, water, and capped Americano with oat milk. An eat-every-morsel yogurt parfait and a crêpe-like cheese omelette with side salad. Out of #1107’s door at 0545 to find butler Nick waiting. Downstairs, GM Oliver Dudler waited, and a night manager appeared, to take the photo.

Bye bye Boston, but honestly the more you get to know this, its newest luxury hotel, the more you want to come back. The challenge is that the city really does not sell itself. The Boston Teaparty, a dispute over taxes.  The Red Sox and other sports. The Boston Marathon, and the wealth that brings to the city. Boston Common and the Charles River. Harvard and a myriad other educational establishments .. but what about its culture, art and music and more? Girlahead wanted to know more but even during dinnerwith three fascinating guys – from left,  Yann Turcotte, Guy Hayward and hotel GM Oliveer Dudler, there wasn’t time.

This, the opening of the first Raffles in The Americas, is the opportunity to get the style that is the city out to the world. It does not need to be trumpeted in brash Broadway style. Unlike New York, Boston has acquired a somewhat discreet luxury air over the years, which emits an air of under-the-radar luxury. That’s the pervading recollection of Raffles Boston….