Luxury Hotels


The sun shone early yesterday morning as Girlahead pulled back drapes cleverly covering the mansard windows of top-floor room #912 at The Langham Boston. Apparently when the former 1914-vintage six-floor Federal Reserve Bank was being converted in 1981 to an hotel, heritage authorities allowed an additional three floors to be added on top as long as they were not visible from the ground. Hence the sloping walls of the new floors.

Yesterday was Boston Marathon day, 11 years after ‘that’ marathon but the first one similarly to fall on 15th May. The Langham, like all central hotels, was running at 100%. Here, the 326-roomer had over 100 runners staying an average of two nights. Some make a proper holiday of it. One woman has been coming over 20 years (she must know the route by heart now), and he wouldn’t stay anywhere else.  This is one of the big advantages of this particular hotel. It’s comfy, like your favourite pair of Gucci loafers. You know how they fit exactly.

And it’s stylish.  Leather handles for the front of drawers in the bedrooms, a minibar cabinet that looks like a white travel trunk and, bliss oh bliss, the folding luggage rack is leather rather than cheapo cord. And, dare one say it, the toilet paper is classy. In addition, the brand’s signature baby pink is not overdone.

There are, admittedly, pink flowers in some places, including in a magnificent display in a public area. Uniquely, flowers throughout the hotel are done by the Director of Finance, who loves flowers. Wow, that’s a first for Girlahead, but there are other firsts here too….