Luxury Hotels


Whoever realised that swimming pools could be re-imagined? PARK HYATT BANGKOK GM Mark de Leeuwerk has done just that. The ninth floor terrace pool always had potential. At just under 25m total, it’s bow shaped, with the straight edge almost cantilevered over infinity.

The hotel has added dense, perfectly manicured green bushes flush with some of the other sides. Diners eating on the terrace of the Catalan-themed Embassy Room are therefore unlikely to be splashed and swimmers are not distracted by visions of icecream addicts having their regular fix.

Beyond the photographer, photo above, five boardwalk and bush terraces form tiers for double loungers dressed in pulled-tight white terry covers. It’s all so pristine, so serene, an oasis from the buzz of outside-world traffic.  It’s also big contrast to the busy 34th floor Penthouse, where Girlahead lunch.

The 2-course set was genuinely a pull.  Girlahead started with a bowl of cured Tasmanian salad with snippets of cauliflower and pine nuts.  Next came slices of tuna tataki with ‘ancient grain’ salad, avocado cubes and a spcy aioli.

It was all exquisite and Girlahead thought, yet again, how much she loves SATURDAY lunches, a tradition started by then-world famous tie-dye artist Nikolai Michoutouchkine, 1929-2010. He and his close friend Aloi Pilioko co-founded the Michoutouchkine-Pilioko Foundation to preserve and promote South Pacific art. What that lunch the pair organised on their private beach, with a woman who later turned out to be proven partner of a Russian spy must wait for another episode.