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Belmond rises up the to-watch stakes

To celebrate the re-opening of its hotels in Italy, Belmond has commissioned a 90-second YouTube video, My Love Letter to Italy – see below. It is written, directed and narrated by Emmy award-nominated Francesco Carrozzini as a truly personal reflection on what makes his home country so special, with a romantic nostalgia for rekindling fond memories and inviting viewers to fall in love with Italy, again.  With Belmond Hotel Cipriani and Belmond Hotel Splendido opening on 19 June and others to follow from July, Belmond has created a series of experiences that celebrate a new Italian renaissance, from romantic encounters for ‘Amore Cortese’ to escapes in the beauty of nature and the welcome embrace of human virtues.

Francesco Carrozzini was born in Monza in 1981. His mother was  Franca Sozzani, legendary editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue for 20 years – she was also a global ambassador against hunger for the United Nations World Food Programme, a supporter of AIDS research, and a chair of the European Institute of Oncology.  Carrozzini grew up surrounded by actors, musicians and artists. As well as graduated in film from the UCLA Los Angeles, he also studied philosophy at the University of Milan, and then relocated to New York City in 2004. Aside from his professional talent, in 2019 Francesco Carrozzini  the philanthropist launched the Franca Sozzani Fund for Preventive Genomics at Harvard Medical. Named in memory of his late mother, who succumbed to a rare cancer, this fund, working with Harvard geneticist Robert C. Green and investor D.A. Wallach, the aim is to bring preventive genomics to patients everywhere.

Carrozzini’s Renaissance life and passion echo thoughts of Belmond’s inspiring Chief Marketing Officer Arnaud Champenois, who believes strongly in taking hotels out of silos. To him, hotels are a lead player in the theatre that is lifestyle, along with fashion, and art. Belmond is wellness, too, a philosophy that includes flowers, music and poetry, but it must all be local and authentic. See authenticity in the video below.

Actually, it could be said that Belmond is currently ‘on a roll’, although technically that implies rolling DOWN not going up.  Be that as it may, the crucial factor is that now being part of LVMH has given everyone a new lease of life.  One GM says that it is like the good old days. Under the care of CEO Roeland Vos and COO Dan Ruff, GMs are masters of their own properties, hoteliers in the most professional sense.