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Work From Belmond, and LVMH

New York-based Jack Ezon, a former lawyer, heads Embark Beyond lifestyle and travel consultancy and, says Girlahead, he is always just ahead of the luxury curve.  He currently sees a sizeable number of savvy American travellers opting to forego the Hamptons to summer in Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast. On 1st June 2021 Embark Beyond booked its first long-stay to Europe and his team is currently working on six similar stays in Europe (none in the USA).

This led Jack Ezon to partner with LVMH-owned Belmond for stays ranging from 30 days up to six months. As Embark Beyond clients are finding out, have a temporary office space along Venetian canals, or within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Cusco.  Embark Nomad Lease with Belmond is 30 nights up, one place:  for 60-plus days you can move between Belmond properties. In Peru, for instance, spend a month in Sacred Valley with Rio Sagrado,  along the Urubamba River, and then move to Cusco, either Belmond’s 16-century monastery Hotel Monasterio – see visiting shaman, above – or its Inca temple-turned-hotel Palacio Nazarenas. Nomad Lease comes as bed and breakfast, with 20% discount on other food, and drink, and unlimited free laundry.  For those needing WFB, Work From Belmond, there’s a dedicated concierge throughout your stay. The hotel sets up an office location, and offers unlimited printing.


Still on LVMH. Two days ago saw the re-opening of Paris’ La Samaritaine after years of renovation that, says the Financial Times, cost LVMH at least €750 million. This now includes, marsupial-style, the latest Le Cheval Blanc maison.  President Macron was there, as was the LVMH family, in force.  Bernard Arnault sees the new Samaritaine as ‘a triple symbol of French genius for art, architecture and business and only a family-controlled group can embark on such an investment with no return for so many years’. This is a reminder to Girlahead that Arnault’s other hospitality brand, Belmond, now led by CEO Roeland Vos, all started with the passion of James Sherwood.


And Podcast started, exactly one year ago, because of the passion of so many people, particularly at its owning company, Almont Global.  Girlahead gives special thanks to Podcast Producer, Yaroslav Gorovoy. Thank you Yaro!