Luxury Hotels


A bunch of simple yellow roses simply speaks beauty… oh, the ‘yellow rose of Texas’. Who was she? She could have been a maid, Emily West, purportedly found in Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s tent on April 21, 1836, when Texas was lost to Sam Houston’s Texian Army – the song,  “The Yellow Rose of Texas,”  was apparently composed in the 1850s by a songwriter known only as “J.K.”

Flowers today make, or break, a luxury hotel. Artificials, however good, are an absolute no-no. Best-known hotel floral art genius is, justifiably, Jeff Leatham, who made his name at FOUR SEASONS GEORGE V. He is now based at FOUR SEASONS LOS ANGELES BEVERLY HILLS, and overseeing projects at other Four Seasons.

Girlahead is looking at Jeff Leatham’s book, Visionary Flora Art and Design (Rizzoli, 2014, foreword Nadja Swarovski) and frankly the print quality lets it down. The publishers must have saved money on the printing. The flower art portrayed is brilliant in reality, depleted in publication. But then does anything live up to the real thing?