Luxury Hotels


What do we call’em? Euphemistically, bathrooms (but no baths), little girls’ rooms (but for all ages), ladies’ rooms (that one is accurate), loos, toilets, washrooms?  Any way, you know what Girlahead means and every hotel has to have them, for gals and, separately, for guys – though it should be pointed out that at Heathrow British Airways has gone unisex in its Concorde space.

Whatever the name, hotels have to have’em. For conferences, lots are needed, as Hotel InterContinental Berlin, home of the annual International Hotel Investment Forum IHIF, knows. Regulars know where to find’em.  Some hotels make the user go downstairs, as at London’s Ritz. Also in the English capital, The Beaumont makes you, either gender, feel incredibly special.

The hotel is coming to the finishing line of a £60 million investment that sees an additional 30 rooms, indistinguishable from their elders, added. There are also new washrooms and they are GORGEOUS. Reach them by gliding over Champagne-coloured marble. Once there, there’s enough space for gals to waltz around without touching the walls (deliberately, says hotel GM Duncan Palmer, guys are not intended to pirouette in their more-bijou space). With mirrors and oodles more Champagne – wall colours if not actuality – girls feel a billion dollars.

Mr Palmer is so pleased he’s showing the space off. Above.