Luxury Hotels


Girlahead met up with two Irish friends at GAINSBOROUGH BATH SPA HOTEL, Virgin Hotels’ CEO James Bermingham, on the left above, and Marc Mac Closkey, GM of this experience-full hotel. Now as we all know hoteliers are people-people (if they were not, they might become Accountants, Bankers or Civil servants…). They just love to socialise.

Coincidentally, this week the YTL -owned hotel re-names its restaurant Socialize, with a Z. At the same time it is outsourcing the entire operation to YTL’s London caterer, Seasoned. Socialize will be all ready, therefore, for Bath’s city-wide festival, 2-5 June, celebrating The Queen’s platinum jubilee – on Thursday, 2nd June, historic buildings around the city will be floodlit.

Girlahead is writing this while listening to AOMEN365’s virtual seminar on Metaverse and Business. Indian athlete Sunny Makroo is expounding at length why metaverse has space in wellness. He is currently building Zippy, a meta for runners of the world. Among other features this allows runners to let avators ‘run’ when it is raining outside. Somewhat sceptically, how does this use calories? It does mean, however, you can socialise with other non-runners.

There is a view that people prefer to socialise only with their own ilk. Runners with runners (accountants with accountants?). Lagardère, owner, inter alia, of ELLE magazine, obviously thinks it has found a hotel niche. The just-announced ELLE Hospitality hotels will ride on the magazine’s wagon. 90% of ELLE readers are female, entirely the early-20s through late-40s age group.

Other developers are less niched. The Dominican Republic sees its first all-inc Luxury Collection resort with the imminent re-opening of Francisco Martinez’ 325-room SANCTUARY CAP CANA. On 15,000-hectares, this Playa-managed resort has Jack Nicklaus golf, a 150-slip marina and two Alejandro Batros polo fields. Lots to do, for adults of all ages. No kids allowed.

Marriott now has 28 all-incs resorts, in a total of seven of its numerous brands. Here Marriott’s luxury brands guru Chris Gabaldon, here: