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Bamboo bikes make a luxury environmentally-aware hotel memorable

Hilton London Bankside, owned by Splendid Hospitality Group, cleverly realises that for an increasingly number of international succeeders, and those who want to be, cycling is today’s rage (forget golf, that is for oldies with hours of time on their hands).  This is a luxury hotel that also understands the essential element of sustainability.

The hotel, which is led by GM James Clarke, is partnering with the Bamboo Bicycle Club, started by two local enthusiasts who have built up a community of bike builders.  Among other initiatives the Club works with such academic institutions as Oxford Brookes University, Portsmouth University and London’s UCL to research and advance the development of bamboo bikes. This involves, of course, digitally testing every stage of construction. A bamboo tube is cut to shape and joined with others by hemp-composite wraps, and when the frame is finished handlebars, wheels and other necessities are added. The hotel so far has six bikes for guests’ use.