Luxury Hotels


Weird and wonderful – why aren’t there more elevators like this one, above, at GRAND HYATT BAHA MAR?  Two of its walls are a combination of metallic concave-convex waves and the blue lighting helps achieve a sub-aqua effect.

Hotel elevators are generally so boring, although Grand Hyatt Baha Mar’s two siblings have cabins that are also memorable. ROSEWOOD BAHA MAR’s interiors have horizontal metal bars that are just right-height, if you are alone, for doing a few exercise pliés before, in Girlahead’s case, up to the top, 11th, floor. And at SLS BAHA MAR the light tan elevators seemed large enough to transport a Tesla, or a dozen beach volleyballers.

Elevator designs are not usually user-thoughtful.  There should be buttons on both sides of the door not one, and such essentials as Breakfast and Lobby need to be marked, alongside fitness and spa. Whether or not there should be a mirror is a moot point, a debate between allowing users to titivate versus privacy.  One solution is to have in-cabin screens showing real-time news and weather, or hotel events. Such screens afford just enough opportunity at lease to get an idea of your coiffure looks. Best of both worlds, as evidenced by this Grand Hyatt elevator. See yourself and pose yourself. OUT of this world.