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World Tourism Day, held worldwide two days ago, highlighted the plight not only of wild rhinos but current wildlife challenges generally. African Wildlife Foundation, desperate about ongoing challenges caused by the stoppage of wildlife tourism, convened a meeting way back in April to share, with CEOs of 12 leading safari companies operating in Africa, the impact of COVID-19 on core business operations and threats to wildlife conservation areas (including food security). AWF Safari Program Manager Carter Smith says that virtual safaris help not only travellers, grounded from international travel, but also communities in Africa on the front lines of wildlife conservation. AWF’s virtual safaris, launch in October, cover Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, with local guides as well as AWF Country Directors to speak about emergency response in each country,


The Sydell Group’s 99-key NoMad London, GM Kate Hart, is now slated for opening December – it is a conversion of Bow Street Magistrates’ Court, notorious for such defendants as Sir Oscar Wilde, General Pinochet, the Kray Brothers and Lord Haw Haw. Roman & Williams’ interiors today are deliberately Bohemian, with a hint of Mexico (is this because the onsite chef, Ian Coogan, has, despite his Scottish-Irish name, Mexican heritage?).


Two creative UK expats, Susan Field and Lynn Grebstad, call the beautiful island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand their home in Thailand (interestingly, both founded, headed and Hong Kong-based luxury PR companies, and then sold on to global media giants).  This pair know what they are talking about.  They have led a Skål Samui tourism recovery initiative under the banner #RediscoverSamui. This is to attract domestic, and eventually international, luxury tourists, to Samui.  A key element of the campaign, says Susan Field, is a new video which contains never-been-seen- before footage of the best experiences the island has to offer.  Here it is, below: