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You know if a show is good if Semiha supports it – Semiha Askin of JOALI and JOALI Being, that is. Here she is, above, swinging away on her stand at Private Luxury Event Dubai, at Atlantis Royal.

The first day of PLE was splendid. About 280 travel professionals, half exhibitors and half buyers, worked intensely, 15 minute meetings – the time noted on three gigantic screens in one of the crystal-ceilinged ballrooms at the hotel. If anyone had a break there were plentiful supplies of little snacks, with attendant chefs, and hot and cold beverages. Go outside on a terrace to stretch your legs and get warm. Lunch break was just long enough to find your way to the gargantuan gourmet buffet that is the 980-seat 18-station Gastronomy restaurant. And find your way out of it, and back down the escalator to the conference centre. In between elegant mouthfuls of sushi one American said yes, she had already found the Paris collaborator she needed. Wow, said a Londoner, have you heard how Paris is re-designing the traditional athletes’ parade at this Summer’s Olympics?

But the day did not finish with end-of-meetings. Girlahead rushed up to her suite to admire the sunset – see the video below – and get ready for the cocktail-diner to beat it all. Cloud-22 outdoor space, in or rather around endless pools and water features, Moët for ever and snacks that included Heston Blumenthal’s signature mandarin-look mini ‘meat fruits’. Question, how can tomorrow compete?