Luxury Hotels


There’s something rather special happening at Atlantis Royal now through Saturday 20th January and Christy Kuplic, above, is the gal in charge. She’s MD of Private Luxury Events, invitation-only meeting place for hotels and destinations, and travel advisors.

Shown is one of the seven ‘enhanced’ dedicated spots.  This where the folks from Neom, one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s special development projects, will do business. One of the other seven spots, taken by JOALI and JOALI Being, is entirely unvarnished wood, with a real living wall and a real hanging swing-for-two. In all there will be around 140 ‘exhibitors’ and the same number of ‘buyers’ – those in the main ballroom have cream chairs and navy tables and, overhead, a Swarovski-look crystal ceiling. Yes, it’s all absolutely gorgeous. Over the next three days the exhibitors, who are from all-over, will be having 15-minute meetings with travel advisors who are predominantly from around the Middle East and Australia.

Last night was a truly memorable welcome party for the buyers. It was held at the resort’s Nobu by the Beach and two of the poolside cabanas became food stations for the evening. And OH the food. Passed-round one-bites. ABsolutely the best finger food imaginable. And bottomless Veuve Clicquot or Pisco sours, or wine. What a way to start. Christie Kuplic made a short speech, thanking the hotel, and the hotel’s head of sales followed, thanking Private Luxury Events. And everyone had a jolly good time.