Luxury Hotels


Well, a food episode – because, it being a Saturday, this is what it must be – is not typically about a venue but, as Girlahead has said before, with her expect the unexpected. Above is a shot taken at Cloud-22 (no, 13 higher than usual clouds but then everything at Atlantis Royal is way higher than mundane). Cloud-22 was the venue for the opening party of Private Luxury Event Dubai and it was extraordinary for many reasons.

The venue, the weather, and the planning. Half a dozen chic starlets in black sequin minidresses stationed around the gigantic interior of the hotel to help you find your way (they recognized the 280 delegates’ name badges). A big Dolce&Gabbana selfie backdrop on entry.

Once there, trays of l-o-n-g drinks, alco or non. Make your way 300 metres to the far, raised, end (behind you in the photo above), passing masses more held trays, of drinks, and food. Those offering deep-sided wood trays of, say, Heston’s one-bite meat fruits, or truffle balls, or lamb kibbeh, all knew, and shared, culinary details of the edibles.

There were also live stations, doing salads and tacos and desserts and more. The main service bar was handing out well-filled flutes of chilled Moët as if their lives depended on the speed of service. A violinist in a long sequinned gown (gold) played her electronic instrument (white), amplified really loud. There was dancing. Since the hotel MD had to be out of town, his VP Hotel Ops, Marie-Elise Lallemand, known as MEL, was on hand all evening – as were all top hotel managers, and the top chefs. Networking. As was Christy Kuplic, MD of Private Luxury Events – she who never wears the same form-fitting dress twice – and her 21-strong team.

Atlantis Royal, by the way, seems to encourage networking. Downstairs in the 960-seat main Gastronomy restaurant, there’s a whole wall of vinaigrettes being prepared, drip drip drip down with the force of gravity. In the bake shop they turn out such delights as blueberry purée-filled brioche (OUT of this world). In the coffee corner they roast the beans, including some from Kerzner relation One&Only resorts in Rwanda. Girlahead asked about the equipment. Food encourages networking. See below.