Luxury Hotels


This could be described as an artwork but Girlahead is not sure she would like to wake up to it. One does, however, find every conceivable bit of paintwork in bedrooms somewhere or other – and what hotel does NOT have art these days? Some hotels, indeed, have buildings designed and constructed specifically to hold a collection of art. Realtor and financier Stephen King has done this, for example, with his LOREN hotels in Austin TX and Bermuda.

And then there are hotels that used pop-ups as magnificent marketing tools. Here a prime leader is ROSEWOOD HONG KONG. Despite being across the water from Art Basel Hong Kong, which is the main congress centre on Hong Kong Island, Rosewood will be making more than a splash. During the show, 21-26 March, the hotel is running a continuous water shuttle across to, and from, Wanchai Pier, right at the congress centre.

The timing of the show is being used to celebrate the hotel’s fourth birthday. MonoC has been commissioned to produce Year of Flowers, a one-of-kind interactive installation that invites audiences to interact with and influence the artwork in real-time.  Designed as a generative living experience, Year of Flowers will update itself in real-time. Girlahead is assured the interplay between digital art and luxury ushers in the next generation of cross-cultural pollination and is symbolic of Hong Kong’s growth as a world-class city. MonoC (a shortened version of full moniker Monochromatic), is the artistic manifestation of a Hong Kong-based brandtech group, Gusto Collective, Asia’s first BrandTech group, led by technology and branding visionary CEO Aaron Lau. Gusto Collective straddles physical and virtual worlds and it is one of Forbes’ Asia Top 100 Companies to Watch.

Rosewood dared to be different with its print advertising prior to the re-opening of LE CRILLON, A ROSEWOOD HOTEL. It’s showing similar gutsy differentiation here.

Let’s listen to Rosewood’s gutsy President, Radha Arora, here: