Luxury Hotels


What is art for YOU?  Is it these alluring Moai figures on Easter Island? Nearly a millenia old, their average height is four metres, though some rise three times as high.

Or is it a Jean-Michel Basquiat, three of whose collaborative works with Andy Warhol are displayed as part of the $100-million collection at W SOUTH BEACH? This is a hotel, by the way, often called the Art Basel social centre and during this year’s event, 1-3 December 2022, the hotel will see gallerists of the calibre of Jeffrey Deitch and Larry Gagosian hanging out there,

This is certainly a building that has amazing art, and it also has beds.  Other totally-art hotels include THE NORMAN, TEL AVIV – scroll down to yesterday’s story, to read more.  And consider the fledgling Loren hotels, so far in Austin TX and Bermuda. Stephen King had a collection of over 150 fine modern paintings – read about them in Art at The Loren. He needed walls to hang his collection so he started diversifying from investment banking and commercial real estate (from the start this passionate environmentalist added 2% to hotel bills for The Loren Roots Initiative, which has so far purchased 1,000 acres of Mississippi Delta farmland to regenerate, with support of University of Texas at Austin). Hear Stephen King on PODCAST, now: