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Annastasia Seebohm is a half-Greek globalist who, after graduating in Business Management in Cardiff, Wales, is now – via Harvard Business School and HSBC and a couple of start-ups – global CEO of Quintessentially. She is based in New York and oversees the world.  Listen to this new-look C-Suite executive’s thoughts on luxury travel and hospitality, now, up live on Mary Gostelow Girlahead Podcast.  You can also catch it below.


Girlahead is continually amazed by the creativity coming out of the Big Apple. This is home base of Jack Ezon, surely, via his company Embark Beyond, one of the innovators in luxury travel. Here is his latest offering:

  1. In Room Testing – We have organized in-room Covid testing for you to comfortably get tested for your return to the United States.
  2. Guaranteed Return – In addition, we have partnered with evacuation insurance company COVAC which will guarantee return to your home in the United States via private medical transport plane if you test positive with Covid. For just $43 per person/per day, COVAC will assure you a private flight home if any insured person has a positive COVID result using a PCR test.

Some details to note:

1.       Cost is $43/person/per day (discounted as an Embark client)

2.       15 day minimum, though you can use the covered 15 days whenever you want. So if you travel for 4 days this month, you can use the 11 additional days for any other trips you plan later

3.       If you test positive for COVID, Covac will fly you back privately in a medical plane

4.       Tests must be a PCR test; rapid, antigen tests are not authoritative

5.       Because planes are “registered medical transport” clients with COVID are allowed back into the USA

6.       Covac will take whichever family members can fit on the plane in addition (noting space may be limited based on medical or fuel requirements)

7.       Private aircraft are based in Ft. Lauderdale so most Caribbean and Mexico destinations will see a 4-5 hour pickup time after diagnosis notification

8.       You can begin to use your covered days 14 days after purchase

9.       COVAC is not typical medical evacuation insurance.  It only evacuates for positive COVID results where medivac covers any emergency issue. However, unlike other medivac policies, you do not need to be admitted into a hospital and have a medical professional attest to the need to be evacuated.  Other medivac policies are a lot more stringent to determine eligibility for a private medical plane home.  For Covac, all you need is a positive PCR result and exhibit one symptom.

Honestly, says Girlahead, can anyone afford NOT to jump on this super-realistic bandwagon?


And now, back to Annastasia (with two Ns, nnote)