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Bill Bensley does it again. He launches what is undoubtedly going to be a fabulous exhibition, the Faroese Chronicle, at the Four Seasons ART Space by MOCA Bangkok on 21st April. It will run through to the end of July.

ART Space, at FOUR SEASONS BANGKOK, is one of the many distinguishers of this comprehensive property. Why ‘comprehensive’? It covers everything. Riverside, great design, big rooms with get-to-sleep beds, memorable food and drink that includes Bangkok Social inside-out drinking, tip-top wellness. Lovely authentic and skilled service. And space. Enough space, ample for a football pitch except it is a marble-floored indoor walkway from river to hotel lobby that forms ART Space. It’s professionally run in partnership with MOCA Bangkok.

This exhibition  is another project for ever-versatile Bill Bensley, fresh from finishing the overall design of the latest Bensley Collection, SHINTA MANI MUSTANG in Nepal.

Why Faroese Chronicle? Bensley is here stressing an understanding that the Faroe Islands are not just a remote picture postcard wilderness in the Arctic Circle, but a close-knit society that hangs tenaciously on to its precious history. A concerned conservationist and passionate philanthropist, he works tirelessly to raise funds for Shinta Mani Foundation’s outreach projects in Cambodia and 100% of  the sale of Faroese Chronicle artworks will go directly to these projects.