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Andaz Tokyo makes a month-long jeans splash

Special jeans for special people

Today is the last day of Andaz Tokyo’s month-long jeans promotion. Cleverly, the 164-room luxury hotel has been partnering with Red Card, a local fashion company led by Yuji Honzawa, whose philosophy follows 3F Principles, fabric, fit and finish. Every day during the month ten customer-facing staff members, chosen at random, pair Red Card blue jeans with their ongoing ‘uniform’, which is a choose-your-separates look designed by well-known hotel fashion designer Masaru Mineo of Art Marginal.

The bespoke Red Card jeans have a letter, A, N, D or Z embroidered on to the lip of the front pocket, and those wearing them can choose which letter they want – so far the red D and the green Z seem to be most popular. The blue jeans, ordered specially by the hotel, are in sizes suitable for the Japanese frame, with largest waist size of 33 inches. The cost of the project is shared between the designer and the hotel, which is also responsible for laundry.

“This has been a really worthwhile cooperation”, says Ross Cooper, GM of the 164-room hotel. “All our 300 full-time associates are making comments and the unexpected interest among guests, and locals using our many outlets, means we are thinking of selling these personalised Red Card blue jeans in our boutique.”