Luxury Hotels


The Pulitzer Amsterdasm is a very clever, and most enjoyable, hotel. It’s clever for a variety of reasons. Not having a proper spa, last week it opened its own standalone facility, Beauty House, in Reestraat, the boutiques-street immediately to the south of, and at right angles to, the hotel. Girlahead had a preview, and had a lie-down on a sensorial bed, see above. Beauty House will do extremely well. It’s tastefully designed, by owner The Lore Group’s inhouse specialist Jacu Strauss. And it’s using 111skin. Recipe for success.

Under big boss Bart van der Brug and his hotel manager Caroline van Kessel, the hotel has also got its eatertainment right. There’s a popular lobby lounge that flows, when the weather allows, into one of the many inner gardens. There’s a Dutch version of a pub, and a local restaurant, Jansz, named for a man of yore who put copper on many roofs of the glorious stepped facades for which this city is so famous.

Jansz has two exterior entrances, one through what seems like an apothecary shop on Keizersgracht. Girlahead dined there, off Arnout van der Kolk’s decorated carpaccio of smoked ribeye with capers and piccalilli followed by a cauliflower mélange (baked cauliflower with garam masala, served with pickled cauliflower and macadamia nuts). Of course there had to be a side of fries, served in a paper-lined silver cup, and it all went very well with a glass of Rosé Vin de France Dme Eric Louis.

At breakfast Jansz had changed attire. Tables’ standing lamps – copper-look, actually – had gone and the counters bordering the open kitchen now held the copious buffet.Back in the hotel lobby a hubbub of people blended those going out on tours, looking fresh as upright tulips, and those arriving from long incoming flights, looking in some cases like parched tulips needing refreshment.

While waiting for a pre-ordered taxi by the selfie-special super-flowers at the main, your correspondent looked up. High overhead, hanging from the black ceiling, was a proper, full-size grand piano. No, it’s not Magritte out of sync. It’s because the Pulitzer is a main sponsor of the annual Prinsengracht concert, held above the canal here on a Saturday in August. The hotel hosts the after-party.  Note the next date, now – Saturday 24 August 2024