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A commendable and suitable charitable element to all this. Amour partners with VOW for Girls, which targets the 12 million girls who, each year, are married off before they are 18. Andie Robb, representing VOW, spoke at a private lunch that Amore hosted, and it was obvious that VOW is such an admirable fit for the romance market.  As one buyer said, many of her clients do not need wedding lists as their homes are already equipped so being able to offer a donation instead of a dining table satisfies all parties.

Evening events, of course, were spectacular. The opening night was a rooftop cocktail down by the sea, at host complex ForteVillage – this was followed by a veery-Italian cocktail-buffet in the restaurant immediately beneath. The next night, everyone was bussed, this time an over-the-hour drive to reach the other side of town where the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari – Oristano was to host a dinner to remember. The venue, Passeggiata Coperta del Bastione Saint Remy, looks like a soaring mediaeval cathedral atop a cliff-face about 600m inland. In fact construction merely fits into the 1896 -1902 era, although, to be fair, the Bastione and La Passeggiata were built on top of ancient buildings.

Proper wedding invitations were on seats in all buses. Arrive and it was Solais sparkling  at the bottom of a steep-sloped drive. To a backdrop of a ten-strong all-male two-pipe band, the wedding party, all in national dress, went through the ‘ceremony’, threw thousands of rose petals around and then, in turn, main participants deliberately smashed china

Antipasti was help-yourself and then the main wedding meal was seated. Dishes-galore held tomatoes with mint, veal in olive oil with creamed potatoes, peas and sabayon, and pecorino fondue with herbs. Desserts included berries and white cholate. Wines – a white Nuragus Antonella Corda and red Su’Nico Bovale Su Entu – were complemented by Amari and spirits from Silvio Carta. Chef was Pierluigi Fais from Ristorante Josto, with pastry chef Piero Ditrizio, of his eponymous Pasticeeria. The entire event was concepted and directed by Studio Quaranta, led by Nicola Falappi.