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All the other events throughout Amour 2024 were orchestrated by ForteVillage’s own team, led by the resort’s CEO and shareholder Lorenzo Giannuzzi, above. His entire family is involved. His daughter helps with revenue management, his elder son Angelo is event coordinator – there’s a Dolce&Gabbana buy-out next week –  and younger son Alfonso is a sales and marketing genius.  Girlahead wanted to be photographed with pater familias, above.

Oh there were so many pictures and videos taken – among the most prolific snapper was Myrdith Leon-McCormack, founder, owner and Editorial Director of World Bride Magazine. Coming from a traditional publishing background of such staples as Conde Nast, she realised a niche, started a straightforward print magazine 20 years ago. It is now a $3.5 million business, thanks to this dynamo, and the niche she is filling.

Honestly, it was a revelation to Girlahead to meet extraordinary people in the romance niche. There was Stephan Baroni, President and COO of New York-based Colin Cowie Lifestyle in New York. He was with his wife, Melissa Fedor-Baron, who started and owns  Borderline Jewelry. Well, she and their four kids realised there was a need for souvenirs of honeymoons or, come to think of it, any trips. Buy a Peru (Machu Picchu), Egypt (the pyramids), Australia (bridgeclimb over Sydney Harbour Bridge). Online only, 10-carat, 14-carat, 18-carat gold, or sterling. Cufflinks, keyrings or start a travel charm bracelet.

And there was Rome-based Marco Enuzzi, the Wine Traveller Club, who was bowled over by the thirst for wine knowledge of his clients. What was the solution? Simple. He studied and he is now a fully certified master sommelier, able to offer the most professional wine-tasting honeymoons. And what about proposals with a difference? Olympia Waters Italy’s enthusiastic Sales Manager Barbara Galvani recounted how the company set up an illuminated dinner for two at the hilltop of a deserted mediaeval village. He proposed, she accepted and the sky was a-blaze of fireworks and lights, 360-degrees.