Luxury Hotels

Italy – New York – Zimbabwe

Girlahead was surrounded by geranium, above, on her last visit to Belmond Villa San Michele, in Fiesole, 20 minutes from central Florance. What, she wondered, were the blossoms when Andrea Bocelli sang there for Lev Blavatnik one night?  Now, thanks to New York based Embark Beyond, he can sing for you, in his Forte dei Marmi home. Other ideas from Embark Beyond, led by its ever-creative CEO Jack Ezon, include visiting the Maserati factory for a VIP driving experience at Verano de’Melegari track – or go to the Ducati factory or Bruno Cuccinelli, Ferragamo or Kiton design centres.


Jack Ezon says his top-level, eyes-open clients have always had a love affair with Italy – whether discovering through travel, art, food, wine or cars. Travel now, he continues,  is so much more about the WHY and not about the WHERE, and the luxury brands Embark Beyond partners with resonate now more than ever represent timeless elegance, legacy, tradition and an obsessive commitment to excellence and creative inspiration. New-look luxury, says Girlahead.


Now to Southern Africa. Beks Ndlovu, born and bred in Zimbabwe, always wanted to start an internationally-recognized safari establishment to bring the world closer to the authentic African wilderness experience, work alongside local communities and help the environment. He established African Bush Camps ABC in 2006, with the Somalisa Concession in his nation’s Hwange National Park. Today ABC, with a staff of 600 total, has 16 luxury camps and lodge. The ABC Foundation, in addition, maintains more than 40 projects in educational development, income-generating initiatives, organic gardening, water, and medical resources, wildlife-human coexistence, and anti-poaching support, with total benefits to more than 8,000 households. Girlahead salutes Beks Ndlovu – see the video below.