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A luxury Tel Aviv hotel honours a decades-long loyal guest

After a regular guest at InterContinental David Tel Aviv succumbed, back in his home town, to the Coronavirus, some of the hotel’s passionate team made a commemorative video, We Are The World – see below.  GM David Cohen posted it on his LinkedIn and it attracted 18,399 unique views, with an engagement rate of 1,931 (David Cohen is shown, above left, with Rom Hendler, Founder/CEO of InnoVel, corporate innovation centre for the travel and hospitality industries).

In addition, InterContinental David Tel Aviv, working with KKL-JNF, the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund, planted 18 trees to commemorate their late guest. The number 18 has specific significance: according to the gematria, a mystical Jewish tradition, the letters chet, which has a value of eight (ח), and yud (י), which is ten, add up to the number 18, which represents good luck – at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other events, gifts of money are given in multiples of 18 for the gift of life or luck (this is “giving Chai”). David Cohen is also joining other members of the Israel Hotel Association in donating a total of 1,800 hotel room nights, between Association member hotels, to healthcare workers who have been frontline in fighting the virus.

InterContinental David Tel Aviv, overlooking Charles Clore Park and Banana Beach, is part of Classic Hotels. and it was opened in 1999 under GM Jurgen Baumhoff.  Today it has a team of 460 to look after 555 rooms and suites, of which the most desirable not only look over the Mediterranean but have access to the 24th floor club lounge.

(The Times of Israel, 5 April 2020, reported the death two days earlier of philanthropist Irving Carter, 76. He had been VP of the UK fundraising arm of Magen David Adom, Israel’s Red Cross, and over a period of 30 years he had funded  dozens of ambulances, 12 bikes, two mobile blood banks and a mobile intensive care unit ICU.)

And now for the We Are The World video: