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A golden key for luxury hotels? – Moscow – Deutsche Hospitality

It does look as if the HELIIX Health Pass, above, might allow hotels and other institutions to re-open doors with confidence. Promoted by  Zara Tindall, Olympiad daughter of HRH The Princess Royal, and her rugby-star husband Mike Tindall MBE, HELIIX Health Pass is VST Enterprises’ V-Health Passport™ using VCode® technology. Now, that company’s partner REVIV Global is selling it to hotels. Simply, consumers who have tested negative for COVID-19 scan a Health Pass before entering a venue, and, as V-Health Passport™ Founding CEO Louis-James Davis, says, if all is well, come on in.


If you feel sociable, Moscow is the place to be. Park Hyatt Ararat reports gatherings, REAL gatherings, of up to 250. This is the only luxury hotel in town, says Girlahead, to have a real Italian chef (lovely!) and, also, a fashionista Guest Relations guy from Paris (lovely, again).  The hotel’s Greek GM knows what he is doing to keep his 15 fashion- and finance-business long stay guests, from all over Europe, from re-locating elsewhere.


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