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Luxury travel tip, you need to work hard to eat well when travelling

Great travel food - gnocchi from Amy's, London Hilton Gatwick Airport

Simply Sunday. Tucking-in and travelling requires constant mental alertness.

If you are not careful you end up eating nothing but junk food.  I have just done 48 hours’ travel, which has involved two overnight flights, back to back, and one daytime flight, plus three car journeys.

I could have stuffed myself.  My airline meals included a sausage-filled bread roll and a risotto and lots of other bread rolls.

At both my first departure airport and my final arrival airport, the only on-ground dining opportunities were fast-food, with plastic chairs and plastic tables (as I have said before, Heathrow terminal five, with its land-side Carluccio’s and air-side Itsu, does understand real food).

Another idea is to take a meal-to-go from your last hotel: Las Ventanas al Paraiso does this brilliantly.

Yes, luxury travel tip for this week is to concentrate, and eat well, even when travelling halfway round the globe.