Luxury Hotels


Louis Sailer soaked up the sun at Plage Goeland, Cannes, during a working ILTM lunch. It was definitely good for his well-being – the air must be somewhat clearer on the Mediterranean coast than it is back home in Delhi – he’s boss of THE IMPERIAL NEW DELHI. As such he is taking the historic hotel’s luxury levels up even further. His measures include making every one of the 5,000+ art works displayed around the property accessible by dedicated QR codes.  Expect him also not only to titivate all the food but the wellness offerings, as well. That is all going to make everyone concerned, including guests and thus ultimately the hotel’s owners, feel better.

Another hotel that is always up to something is THE LONDON EDITION, in Berners Street. On Sunday 8th January it will host MindFULL,  a one-day retreat focusing on restorative and inspirational practices. Begin the day with tea and a meditation breathwork session, followed by yoga suitable for all abilities and levels. Finally it is time for brunch in the Punch Room and this is followed by a goal setting and empowerment workshop. The final sound healing session comes with tea and cake.  All this is led by a journalist called Lily Silverton who recently wrote: ‘I need a bit of time to myself, or with Dan. I need the odd yoga class. I need sleep, to make up for the huge debt I’ve accrued since becoming a mother‘.

Is MindFULL another word for egocentric? Girlahead would rather just get on with what’s got to be done.  But still, chacun à son gout. One place that certainly makes everyone feel better is BVLGARI HOTEL PARIS. From the lay-out of the ground-floor public areas to the rooftop private garden (and the silky-smooth edge of the 19 wooden stairs to walk up there from the Penthouse Suite), it seems as perfect as is possible. The team members are all smiling.  They feel good, too.  Hear the hotel’s creative boss, now: