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Simply Sunday – going for quality gains followers

Why do cars get it so right? Today is the final of Spanish Grand Prix 2020, at Circuit de Barcelona, just outside Barcelona. Drivers will have to complete 66 laps of the 4.655-kilometre Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 24 minutes’ drive north east from, say, Barcelona’s Hotel Arts and W Barcelona. Millions will, from around the world, watch the race.  By comparison, take any major hotel event, say that opening of any Aman hotel, and the pick-up effect globally would not measure seven digits.

As with jewels and high fashion, cars evoke mega-fascination at luxury level. Think of such great galleries of cars as the Hess Collections, in wine-growing areas of Napa, California, USA, and in Salta, Argentina.  In Europe, do not forget the 19-strong Maserati round-up at the Panini Collection in Modena, Italy.

Girlahead thinks luxury cars get it right because, with the help of meticulous quality control and checks, they produce outstanding products made, with controlled assistance of robots, by passionate people. And, by the way, at line level in the main Maserati factory, no-one stays in one job for more than seven months. Oh all ye managers in luxury hotels, please take note.





Umberto Panini

Giovanni Panini