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Simply Sunday arrives at Dallas’ luxury hotels

Necessary travel companion

Necessary travel companion

For the luxury hotel addict which the Sybaritic Single is, any new destination begins with a quick hop around its top establishments. As there are progressively less and less of the unexplored cities on his personal global map, this week’s visit to Dallas promised to be a pleasant discovery. Glowing and fresh after a 19-hours’ flight, he promptly established himself at a hotel and ventured outside for some city exploration at sunset, in hopes to find a decent spot for his evening joie de vivre.

Surprisingly, the Texan hospitality scene proved to be as flat as its landscape, with only a few places worth to spend time at. The Terrace of the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek – see both photos – has quickly become his favourite, with artistic salads, chilled oysters and sparkling champagne flutes, beaded with condensation. There was an instant sensation of warmth. The Sybaritic Single wondered what exactly made that place feel so familiar and close to his heart. Was it the picturesque setting or, perhaps, its Romanesque purity and halo of the burning fireplace?

Eventually, he realised: it felt like home, reminiscent of his own house halfway around the planet. The holistic ambiance of the mansion’s gardens were just ideal. For him, the potent allure of this place happened to be much more appealing than the chic Wolfgang Puck cocktail bar at the top of the Reunion Tower, the trendy beats of the living room at the local W Hotel or the timeless American charm of The Ritz-Carlton. It was certainly much more appealing than knocking back shots with a group of cowboys.

The Sybaritic Single just wished that more of the luxury hotels around the world would share this special amenity – feeling instantly at home is as essential for a perpetual traveller as is discovering new places.