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Luxury travel tip, chill out from time to time

Do yourself a favour - chill out, at Shanti Maurice

Simply Sunday, once again.

Sometimes you simply need to escape, forget about the travails of travel and be your own real self (there is nothing the gal likes more than being by herself in a luxury hotel at the end of a conference, when everyone else has gone home).

Shanti Maurice, the Nira luxury resort in southwest Mauritius, has this escapism in mind when it organises sessions of yoga and detoxification.

I am not quite sure about getting next to a bearded wonder called Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev who ran Shanti Maurice’s yoga retreat last weekend, but still….

I AM sure that you, even you, need a breakout.

Get away from travel, or work, or that relationship, and chill-out, ideally with a physical-spiritual streak.

Enjoy life, gal!